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On 1st of July, we had a Canada Day Celebration with our guests!

Our great staff, Alex from Canada, organized the party and celebrated 150th anniversary of Canada all together.

Guests brought a lot of snacks and foods to share and we offered free Sake and plum wine.

It was an awesome nigh
t, thank you everybody who joined the party.

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The day before yesterday,
we came up with an idea of having Sakura viewing event and,
last night, we did it!

People from 16 different countries participated
and we can't thank enough to those who joined the party.

We illuminated our Sakura at the property,
shared Okonomiyaki, Sake, plum wine
and wonderful time together :D

We prepared more than 2kg of Okonomiyaki dough,
but surprisingly, it's all gone at the end! :)

Some of our guests kindly donated wines and snacks to share.

Here is group photo.

We tried to take the photo for several times,
and this is when we finally finished!

Thanks again everybody!
You made the party fabulous!

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Hello, everyone!


Last week, I went to a small town called Ine and had a wonderful day at there.
Ine is located Northern Kyoto, and is famous for fishermen's houses called Funaya.
Funaya is a house built on the water and fisherman's ship is kept at 1st floor of its building


I also took a sightseeing boat around Ine bay and enjoyed superb view of Funaya from the boat.
I bought small snacks for seagulls, but while I'm throwing snacks to them, black kites flow to me to get the snacks which made me frightened.


Anyway, it was a lovely day and I had a lot fun :)

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We had `Sado - Japanese traditional tea ceremony experience"
with our guests in our lounge room!
Our staff member, Tam, showed us traditonal tea ceremony,
then we all tried bitter "Maccha - traditional green tea".

Also he taught us how to make "Maccha".

Some guests made "Maccha" for others, like love ones.
It was very cool to see them how focus they were to make one tea for others
for their first time,
and very sweet to see others being served the tea.

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Hello, everybody!

It has been ages since we wrote blog last time.

Let us show some nice pictures from our guest room.
Sakura (cherry blossom) tree is now beautifully blooming!

Not all, but some of our guest rooms have small table and chairs along river, so you can enjoy superb viewぽわわ

There are various kinds of Sakura in Izu peninsula.
Kawazu sakura, the early blooming sakura is already finished (mid Feb-early Mar) but now another kind of sakura, which we call as Kanzakura is at its peak!

Let's enjoy early spring!

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Hello, everyone!にぱっ

I want to share my experience of the trip I did the other day.
This time, I did really typical one day trip in Hakonelove!

I started from Odawara station, bought 2 days Hakone free pass and took a train to Gora電車

Since I was too lazy to leave my apartment before noon, I needed to be in a bit rush and couldn't spend enough time at each placesきゅー汗

I visited Gora Park, since the pass allows me to visit there without entrance fee. The pampas grass I found at there was outstandingぎょ

Then, I took a cable car and rope way to Owakudani, where used to be closed for a while because of volcanic gas.
The place looked like totally isolated city which made me so surprised.
I hope someday I can do hiking at there as it used to be.

After that, I took a "pirates ship" to cross Lake Ashi太陽

It was already dark, so I couldn't see Mt.Fuji clearly, but it was still beautiful.

Next time, I would love to visit each places a lot more than this time.


Hakone Free Pass


Lake Ashi

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Hello, everyone!にかっ

It gets colder and colder these days, isn't it?
The Autumn has arrived太陽

Last week, we had a local Aki Matsuri (Autumn Festival) in Ito.

Every year, this festival happens on 14 and 15th of October.
The most exciting part of this festival is, people carry Mikoshi (portable shrine) and they get into sea to pray for big catch of fish and marine safetyぎょ汗

The weather wasn't that bad, still it was a cool day and those guys needed to get into the sea for several times汗汗

How brave they are!

They put a paper in their mouth because they are not allowed to speak during the event.

The other thing is, each neighborhood association traditionally preserving float called Dashi and our neighborhood allowed us to join pulling the float!

Some of our guests also joined pulling and we had such a fun time together.

The good thing about attending a small local festival like this is, most of times you are welcomed to participate their event.

Sorry, there is no picture from pulling the float.
If you are interested in it, you should come to Ito in next October!

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