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The Hijiyama Park
can get a full view of The Hiroshima City
from the top of a small hill
and the art museum and the manga library inside
the park are places to relax.

Firstly, going to The Hijiyama Shrine.

Go through to the side street,
You can shortcut from shrine to The Hijiyama Park.
It's my favorite route !!!

The Hiroshima City Manga Library

Everyone, if you have procedures,
you can enjoy reading with wooden structures and benches around
the library till 10 volumes until 5 pm.

The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

In addition to displaying themselves by setting themes,
Various contemporary art,
It's exhibiting exhibitions that stimulate the mind.

Bathing of the sparrows.

The views from Museum.

The Radiation Effects Research Foundation

The Hijiyama Cemetary

The views from cemetery over the city
and out to the islands in bay are ...........fantastic !!

Moving Walkway "SKY WALK"

Hijiyama Park to Shopping Center (3F)

¡ Hola Gatito !

(Route) : K's House Hiroshima - Hijiyama Park

(Time) : 10 min 〜 15 min

...Hiroshima City Manga Library
...Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

(Open) : 10 : 00 - 17 : 00
(Closed) : Monday

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We had a farewell party for our staff, Mari-posa
at Yakiniku restaurant

Finally, today was her last day...and last tea time with herしくしく汗
I can't believe it...!

We enjoyed ケーキcream cakeケーキ mede in her hometown
It was soooooooo delicious !!

Of couse, with our neighbor, Kari-sanハート

This is Team K's House Hiroshima !!!!

Enjoy your next trip !!
Please come here again anytime
and we are looking forward to seeing your smile again.
We love you

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When you arrive at JR Hiroshima Station,
you might notice that there is a pagoda
on the top of the mountain just behind of the station.
The mountain is called "Mt Futaba" and has a nice path to the top
where you can enjoy the great view of Hiroshima city.

On the next at the end of this park,
You can see The Toshogu Shrine,

First to The Toshogu Shrine,

Pass under the large stone torii gate and make your way up
the stone steps.

Let's walk to the top toward to The Peace Pagoda !!!

Make your way up the stone steps and you will see
the start of the mountain trail
to the right of the red colored main shrine building.

Continue up this rocky path for a few more meters !

At the middle point,
A little break on the rocks.

The Peace Pagoda !!!

The views from the top of Mt Futaba
over the city and out to the islands in Hiroshima Bay are fantastic....

Kids will enjoy over the huge rocks on making !
It a very pleasant place to picnic.

(Route) : K's House Hiroshima - Hiroshima Station - Toshogu Shrine
- Peace Pagoda
(Time) : 30 min 〜 40 min.

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The Hiroshima Carp won their second consecutive league title !
This year also victory parade !
It was held in Peace Blvd.

The beginning of the parade is...
Our bro Slyly !

Next is..........

Manager Koichi Ogata,
Thanks !!!

The players have come,

More than 300,000 fans gathered,
We congratulated Hiroshima Carp's league title together.

For next year also aiming for succession,
Let's cheering the Hiroshima Carp with you !!!

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The Ebisuko Festival was held on 18th to 20th November.
It is a traditional Hiroshima festival
that has been in existence since 1603.

This is Hiroshima 3 major annual festivals.

The festival is centered on Ebisu Shrine which is tucked Ebisu-dori arcade.
A huge wooden barrel sits in front,
into which people throw money.

The Local people called "Ebetsusan",
it is an annual event to announce Hiroshima's winter.

The darker it become, the more people come !!!!

Finally, there were thousand of people to enjoy the festival !!
It was difficult to walk around

Awesome Autumn Festival !!!!
See you next year

K’s House Hiroshima | 07:27 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Miyajima is the most beautiful season now !!!!!

You can see so many amazing beautiful maple leaves !!!!

I went there when it was low tide.
So I could walk through the gate :)

There were a lot of people to see maple leaves.

Now, Miyajima is covered with red maple leaves, red gate and red shrine.
It is awesome contrast the red with green moss.

Please visit Miyajima and feel beautiful Japanese Autumn !!!!

From Rena
K’s House Hiroshima | 09:41 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Hiroshima Ramen Stadium is 3rd anniversary this year !!

If you like Ramen, check it out !!!!

It was at noon of weekday,
so I didn't need to wait so long time
I can't stand with long line in front of amazing Ramen !!

First, Beerビール !!!!

There are 18 kind of Ramen from all over the prefecture in Japan.

It was sooooooo difficult to choose the one...
But I decided " Maguchan " from Yamanashi !!

Miso-Ramen with awesome pork

Next is...local foods and sweets !!
I want one more stomach to eat everything...!

(Week Day)  10:30〜21:00
(Sat, Sun) 10:00~21:00

It is until 12th Nov (Sun) !!!!
Let's become Ramen addiction

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