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Hi,everyone who reads our blog.

Last night,we invited Ms.Yamaguchi, a sake sommelier for our sake seminar.

It was 6 persons only, but it turned out 8 persons joined the seminar.

She presented 5 unique taste sake bottles with easy to understand presentation.

There was a pink sake bottle! Of course it was pink.And there was sparkiling one as well.

They have tried all of them, sweet, sour, dry or strong.
Which made them to get drunk and enjoy the world of sake!
I have tried some of them, I was surprised how complex of the world of sake!

Mmmn, I love sake....

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Dear everyone!

Happy New Year!

This is U from K's House Kyoto!

It's already 3rd day of 2018.

Today, let me share about the last year count down party.

Working in this industry, we tend to lose the track of time.

So our annual count down party is a very good reminder of time for us:)

It has been quite a warm winter here in Kyoto, and I had been hearing from our guesets
that they will be leaving for shrines and temples to cross the year.
It made me wonder how many people will come for our count down party.

However, as long as our guests enjoy their time, no matter where they are, that's exactly what we want.
And we do our best for those who chose to celebrate with us:)

This year, not as previous years, there were already some guests waiting for the new year at Zen Cafe,
the party venue.

We prepared 60cups of Sake for toast of the new year,
and were joyfully passing each cup to those who came.
As the year 2018 got closer, I heard from other staff "60cups are not enough!"
Then we quickly prepare more cups and passed more coming guests.

While Michi, our staff and amazing party MC, were warming us towards the toast,
more and more guests came.
Finally at the last 10seconds count down, it was completely packed.

After the photo shooting, it was a time for SOBA noodle!
And again, we realized the soba we prepared was not enough at all!
So two of our staff who came as party guests jumped into the kitchen to help!

It was so wonderful to be able to see the big smile of our guests enjoying their moments with new friends!

Thank you all who joined the party, and also thank you all for staying at K's House Kyoto.

We will do our best this year as well to offer the best time for everyone who kindly choose to stay at K's House Kyoto!

We are looking forward to welcoming you all!!

Wish you all the wonderful new year!

K's House Kyoto

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We had the Mochitsuki experience.
Everyone had a chance to pound mochi (Rice cake).
We hope that you enjoyed pounding.
After that we ate a mochi together.


Thank you very much for joining us.
We hope that you enjoyed it.

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Merry Christmas to all !

We cooked special Christmas dinner plates for our guest as a Christmas present from us.
The plates are all hand made by ZEN CAFE staff, Marcelo.


Many people joined us and 30 plates dinner was all gone.
We are so glad that you enjoy special night with us.

Thanks Mercelo for great dinner !

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If you are interested in leaning Japanese cooking,

We have good opportunities here at K's House Kyoto!

The licensed chef in Japan, Marcelo Sakuma offers you

a very fun and interesting cooking classes for a reasonable price.

*Reservation is required in advance.
*For the reservation, please make contact with Marcelo Sakuma directly.
*All classes are available in English and Spanish.
*The classes held at K's House Kyoto are available only for our guests.

Click here for details

Let's enjoy cooking!

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Hi !パー
There are lots of temple and shrine with beautiful autumn leafs garden in Kyoto.
Many people come over here to see and enjoy them from all over the world.
So you can see lots of heads in the same time…
It sometime makes us feel sick of be crowded and waiting on the line…


So this time I visited the small cozy beautiful temple in Shiga prefecture.


There were few people there and you can relax and feel Japanese beauty.


I hope I’m going to tell you where it is…..however I want to keep the place in secret, too.
So please ask me when you are in K’s House Kyoto,
and I’m going to tell you where it is.

場所は… と、教えたいところですが、この場所がまた有名になって人で埋め尽くされちゃうのがとてももったいないので、興味のある方はぜひケイズハウス京都まで来て直接私に聞いて下さい。


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I visited the Eikando temple the other day.

Eikando is a beautiful temple throughout the year,but the autumn is the best season to visit.

It has been known as a famous spot for viewing autumn leaves.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the scenery at night

when the grounds are illuminated during the Eikando Temple Light Up event.








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