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It is getting cooler and cooler in these days.
I can say the autumn season has come.

I have been to Shiga prefecture to see nice view of the Biwa Lake from top of the mountain星
There is the place called “Biwako Terrace”.

Nice View!!!

There is a nice café at there.
So you can enjoy nice coffeeコーヒー with nice air and nice view.

This time, I didn’t try but there are some athletic activities in the sky!!

If you are interesting, TRY TRY TRY.

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I have been to Biwa Lake to see fireworks.
This festival is held on the water of the Biwa Lake.

I took a special seat this year to close them and feel dynamic fireworks.

Look at them!!



They were amazing!!

I want to take a boat and want to see them from the boat deck next time.

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Today I want to show you one of the traditional festival called “Mitarashi Matsuri”.

I really love this festival.
I have been this festival every year!!

There is a sacred pond at shrine.
We get into the pond with candle and pray the god at there.


The water is very cold, it make us feel much better in this hot summer.

It has been held a week.
Please visit it if you have a chance.

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I have been to Kamakura.
There are some temple famous for hydrangea.
So I been to Myougetuin temple and Hasedera temple.
These 2 temples are most famous one.

First of all, here is the Myougetuin temple.
There are lots of BLUE hydrangea, so it is called Myougetuin Blue.

And next, here is the Hasedera temple.

There are lots of different kind of hydrangea.

You can see Yuigahama beach from the hydrangea farm.

I really like Kamakura.
You can feel time passed slowly in Kamakura.

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There are some islands in Biwa Lake in Shiga prefecture.
The Chikubujima Island is one of them.

You can visit this island but no one live there since it is said here is the sacred place星

You can enjoy boat trip about 40 minutes from Hikone port.

There is a temple and shrine in this small island.
This is small island, so you can look around in one hour.

There is a Torii gate at the shrine.
You can buy 2 tiles at there and write down your wishes.
It is said if you throw the tile from the shrine into the tori garte,
your wish will be come true.

When you leave the island, the old man can send you off with his big smile until you can not see him.

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Hi, everyone!にこっ
It is getting warmer and warmer.
I went out to see beautiful cherry blossom.


Blue sky and pink cherry blossom….


Hope we are in peaceful world forever.

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We were invited special dinner at restaurant “Enraku” in Gion.
They organize dinner with Maiko.
It was special opportunity to spend a time with Maiko.ぽわわ

They served nice meals, we enjoyed the dinner.


And after the dinner, finally the time had come!!
Maiko-san showed up!!
She danced, talked and played with us.


It was beautiful timeハート

Please check the website of “Enraku”

You can enjoy Kyoto night with Maiko-san!

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