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"Peace Message Lantern Floating Ceremony"
Held On The Night Of 6th August

Each Wishes For The Peace From The Gathered Attendees

The Lanterns Which Will Be Set Afloat Down On The River
Pass Directly In Front Of The A - Bomb Dome

Welcome To Write Down Messages Of The Peace

The Coloer Of Lanterns.............Each Thought

The Participants In This Ceremony Is Not Only Hiroshima Locals
But Also Many Visitors Who Come From Far And Wide

The Ceremony Of The Lanterns Symbolize The Journey To The Peace...

K’s House Hiroshima | 08:41 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
I have been to Biwa Lake to see fireworks.
This festival is held on the water of the Biwa Lake.

I took a special seat this year to close them and feel dynamic fireworks.

Look at them!!



They were amazing!!

I want to take a boat and want to see them from the boat deck next time.

K’s House Kyoto | 08:21 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Early In The Morning On 6th August
(6 : 00 am)

The A - Bomb Dome
(6 : 30 am)

People Praying At Each Memorial Monument
(7 : 00 am)

With The Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb........The Pray And The Silent
( 8 : 15 am)

It's 73 Years Ago And A Monday Morning
Just Like Today
With The Mid-Summer Sun Already Blazing
The Hiroshima City Starts Another Day
Comes A Blinding Flash At 8 : 15 am
A Fireball More Than A Million Degrees Celsius Releases Intense Radiation
Heat And Then
A Tremendous Blast
Below The Roiling Mushroom Cloud
The City Is Obliterated

Around The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
( 10 : 00 am)

Todays Hiroshima
( 10 : 00 am )

Thanks Of The Peace

K’s House Hiroshima | 08:20 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)

It's been super hot after the heavy rain!
Team K's House Hiroshima is almost melt by the heat but still doing good!
Because!! We had Sune in July!

He stayed with us and helped us in the hottest summer!!


We have had a good time--now farewell....

Yeah! Hiroshima yay! aka OKONOMIYAKIyyyyyyy
ъ( ゚ー^)イェー♪

We took him "Teppanya" 5 min from us!!


He couldn't enjoy our recommendation intestine....
But he enjoyed Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba!!


And he told us many things about Denmark!! Such an advanced county!

He gave us Danish pastries on his last day....

☆^ヽ(*^-゚)vMange Tak♪v(゚∇^*)/^☆

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