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The Hiroshima Castle is one of the symbolic presence in Hiroshima.
It is called The Carp Castle (Rijo).

The Ninomaru Entrance leading to the Castle.

The Hiroshima castle is surrounded by moats,
Also there are a lot of carp and ducks there.

The Hiroshima Castle is popular as a cherry blossom landmark.

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Hello!How are you doing?
This is Kae from Tokyo Oasis!but today I'm working at Tokyo branch!


We had Sushi serving today.
Everyone look sooooo ecxited!!ぎょダッシュ

It looks GREAT!!


Also Shoko charenged to make Sushi!
And looks fun and PERFECT!

Cut cut♪



Thank you very much for joining us!
Hope everyone enjoyed it!!X)

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I have been to Kamakura.
There are some temple famous for hydrangea.
So I been to Myougetuin temple and Hasedera temple.
These 2 temples are most famous one.

First of all, here is the Myougetuin temple.
There are lots of BLUE hydrangea, so it is called Myougetuin Blue.

And next, here is the Hasedera temple.

There are lots of different kind of hydrangea.

You can see Yuigahama beach from the hydrangea farm.

I really like Kamakura.
You can feel time passed slowly in Kamakura.

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After Renovation

The Central Tree Was Also Refreshin'

The Flowers Are Bloomin'

The Relax And The Fun
From K's House Hiroshima

Sittin' Talkin' Drinkin' And Smilin'.......

Have A Good Time In The Rooftop Garden !!

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Nearly every town in Japan has their own okonomiyaki restaurant. What do you reckon? パンチ There is one okonomiyaki restaurant in Town Kawaguchiko, called, ‘Zoo’, just behind the main station and 20 minutes walking from K’s House Mt. Fuji.

They serve not only the Osaka style okonomiyaki but also the Hiroshima style!

Moreover, the monjayaki, a famous and traditional food in Asakusa, Tokyo. I like this more than others!

And don’t forget to have a balanced diet. Have some vegetable salad and another tommy for dessert!ケーキ

If you want to visit there, they are open only for dinner time (18:00-23:00). And you can ask our front staff for the direction or follow your google maps!

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We made Plum Wine for our anniversary party in October !!

Plum wine is a liquor made from green plums and sugar fermented in distilled liquor.

Look these cute plumsハートカクテルぽわわハート

Do you think how to make plum wine is difficult ??
It's easy !!!!
Just put liquor, plum and suger in the container.

This year, we made two kind of plum wine !!

Left : Black suger and White liquor
Right : White suger and Brandy

Looks sooooooo gooooood !!!!!
We cannot wait October !!

Let's celeblate our 10th anniversary in October !!
We are waiting for you with our awesome plum wine ワインオッケー

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Before renovation

Firstly, exchange the large wooden pot in the center

Running very decayed

Replace with a new wooden pot

also painted the surrounding boards

Next is the bench and others !

Since it was already rotten, I will exchange it for a new wood board

Newly painted and finished

A little renovated rooftop garden
From K's House Hiroshima

...To be continued... MASA
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