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<Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima 10th Anniversary>

Colors the promenade with 2500 umbrellas.

The monument of the Carp history,
Hiroshima Carp entered the professional baseball in 1950.

Mickey who gained popularity as a baseball dog carrying balls to the umpire
at the former Hiroshima City Municipal Stadium (2005).

Only five years after Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb,
Hiroshima city got it's own baseball team,
But it took a lot longer for the Carp, who were established in 1950,
to victory their first pennant.........

P.S. also K's House Hiroshima are 10th anniversary this year
and We will hold our anniversary party.....on October !

K’s House Hiroshima | 05:38 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
We had a Sushi roll experience event after two months!!

You always nibble while cooking? (well, I do.)

All the members today didn't like Natto beans, so I ate the leftover (I'm a huge Natto lover).

We're supposed to hold the Sushi event on 26th June next, so please join us if you're staying here.
6月も、開催予定です。おいしい巻き寿司を、一緒に作りましょう 音符音符

Chiyo xxx
K’s House Tokyo | 08:29 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Our helper Morgane is playing
along with her favorite music !

Let's play FooFighters


Zun cha♪ Zun Zun cha ♪

You can also play percussion with "YAMAHA DD-75"!!
What an amazing tooooy!!

w(*´∀`*)w ハハハァ

Doko don dodon ♪
Go Morgane go!!

_( ̄▽ ̄)ノ彡☆ばんばん

K's House Hiroshima is a musician friendly hostel!

Come and play music here~
(屮′3`)屮 カモォォォーン

K’s House Hiroshima | 05:03 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Hello guyslove

Tokyo is getting hotter little by little, but how are you all doing?
May is early summer, but it's still not THAT hot, so soaking in the sun is very nice and it gives me some extra energy for me太陽


星星星Today I have an announcement for you!星星星

We will have our 12th Anniversary Party on 1st of June (Ta-da!音符), and we are getting ready for the party :)


Party food and drinks will be served, and we will play some games togetherチョキ

This is the picture from our 11th Anniversary Party last year. (Looks fun, yeah?)

We still have some availabilities on the night yet, and we are looking forward to welcoming you!星


Let's have fun togetherオッケービール

K’s House Tokyo | 08:56 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
The Baseball Season has come !!!

We have Hiroshima Carp supporters from oversea !!
They even brought their own Hiroshima Carp uniforms !

The Stadium is packed with Hiroshima Carp supporters !!

"Lucky 7 Balloons"

It's Hiroshima Carp tradition, supporters fly up RED BALLOONS
in 7th inning to wish the luck.

Look at this, it's all red !!

Hiroshima Carp is again leading ahead by far.
Each game is so exciting, it's worth to watch !

Please add it to your To-Do-List in Hiroshima !!

K’s House Hiroshima | 08:02 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
There are some islands in Biwa Lake in Shiga prefecture.
The Chikubujima Island is one of them.

You can visit this island but no one live there since it is said here is the sacred place星

You can enjoy boat trip about 40 minutes from Hikone port.

There is a temple and shrine in this small island.
This is small island, so you can look around in one hour.

There is a Torii gate at the shrine.
You can buy 2 tiles at there and write down your wishes.
It is said if you throw the tile from the shrine into the tori garte,
your wish will be come true.

When you leave the island, the old man can send you off with his big smile until you can not see him.

K’s House Kyoto | 06:42 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Our Mt.Fuji 1 Day Tour has started again in 2018 ! !

K's House Fuji View is additionally listed as the pick-up and drop-off point for Mt.Fuji 1 Day Tour, too !!!

The pick-up points are...
*K's House Mt.Fuji
*K's House Fuji View
*Kawaguchiko Station

Please fill out the booking form through the tour website if you are interested to join our tour !!

<Tour Itinerary in 2018>

*Morning tour(9:00am-0:30pm)
・Sengen Shrine
・Mt.Fuji 5th station

*Afternoon tour(1:30pm-6:00pm)
・Aokigahara Forest short walking
・Fugaku Wind Cave
・Lake Motosu(back of 1000yen bill)
・Lake Kawaguchiko Oishi park (if there is enough time)

*One day tour(9:10am-6:00pm)
All places with the above.

Finish at 5:30pm - 6:00pm

*The itinerary will be changed due to heavy traffic,
weather conditions or other operational reasons.

We are looking forward to welcoming you !!!

Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 07:37 PM | comments (0) | trackback (0)