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It's first snow for this winter in Hiroshima City !

The snow only fell a bit.

It was not piled up !

In the afternoon,
It became nice weather.

Unfortunately !
We have had little snow this winter.

K’s House Hiroshima | 08:45 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Hello, everyone!love

It’s good to have the hot soup in the cold weather like this.

Therefore, one of our staff, Taro, opened the flash ramen shop ラーメン for 2 days only!

The soup base for today is the anchovy flavor. He used to make the miso, shōyu, chickenにわとり, tonkotsuぶた flavors before. It’s his first time to make the anchovy-based broth.

Spending nearly all day for simmering the broth, including making the toppings like soft boiled eggs and sliced pork.

Ta-da, a bowl of special made ramen has come out. Not only the appearance is beautiful but also the taste is good. Normally, I just leave the soup at the end, but this time I finished all of them. Then you should know how tasty it is!

I also made a banana loaf for our tea time. Not in good-looking but also taste nice though.

The staff who is working on these two days, our belly is in luck! Sorry for my other colleagues who is absent!

02/08 UPDATE!

Actually it lasts for 3 days till today! The broth for 2nd and 3rd is different from the 1st day. It's with the blended anchovy. That make the soup much more strong taste. オッケー

Thank you for the meal!

K’s House Mt.Fuji | 09:44 AM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
The Oyster Season has come !!!
First of all,
the oyster festival in the city center of Hiroshima.

A lots of peoples around the super huge pot.

There are various stalls too.
You can enjoy a lot of oysters and local foods !

The Oyster Festival will be held throughout Hiroshima Prefecture.

Next is.....
Miyajima Oyster Festival
10th and 11th February (10:00~15:00)

Please add it to your To-Do-List in Hiroshima !!

K’s House Hiroshima | 07:48 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Hello, everyone!太陽
How's it going??
Today, I would like to share with you guys about our Setsubun Event :))!

Have you heard about the word Setsubun?

Setsubun is a holiday in Japan to celebrate the coming of springチューリップ

Even though it's still so coldしくしくしくしく雪

There are 2 things that we did in that day!

1. Throwing dried soy beans.

*Throwing the soybeans represents getting rid of bad luck and welcoming good luck!
As we throw the beans, we say "oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi."
oni =demon
fuku = good luck

This time one of our staff Yuya became oniにひひにひひ

2. Eat whole sushi roll (Eho-maki)

*Eho-maki are thick sushi rolls which is believed to bring good fortune if eaten while facing the year's "Eho"(good luck direction)
This year was south-south eastいぬ

The rules of eating Eho-maki
1. must be silent while you are eating Eho-maki
2. close your eyes and make a wish while you are eaing
3. since you start eating you must finish whole sushi because the eating of Eho-maki without cutting reflects the idea of forming good relation ship.

Please try those rules when you do next time!!ハートハート

Thank you guys for joining us our eventオッケーlove

Have a good day太陽太陽

K’s House Mt.Fuji | 02:15 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)


Our guest shown us a great paint today!
Come to Hakone to figure out the location!

Thank you, Sean.

K's House Hakone | 10:28 AM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Hello everyone!!!

We had Setsubun party!!

Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring in Japan.

We eat Ehomaki/a sushi roll often eaten for good luck on setsubun.

Rolling Ehomaki with professional sushi-rolling teacher Rena tan and Lei chan!!

>We have to eat ehomaki facing good luck direction South South East this year!
Yes, of course without speaking!!

If you roll your ehomaki too thick, it's hard to eat whole thing!! haha


What did you wish while eating?? Tehe

Drinking Time \(^o^)/

It's Time to.........

Throwing beans to DEMONS!!!

We beat Demons!!

Cleaning (○ `人´ ○) タノンマスー!

We had hannya (female oni) this year! eventually we are friends now~

See you next time~

悪霊バスターズ ((((*^o^*)†~~~ 悪霊退治

K’s House Hiroshima | 07:35 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Dear everyone.

On 3rd February, we had Setsubun and Eho-maki event !!

Unexpected number of guests joined this event
and they made their ideal BIG roll sushi together.

It is good to share Japanese culture with everybody
and we hope everyone enjoyed it very much !!

Our staff, Michi, did a costume play of Oni (Evil).
(Some of you may remember he did it last year as well)

Sushi Roll Making

We very appreciate for everyone who joined this time!!!

When evil Michi comes, the party will begin....

K's house Kyoto
K’s House Kyoto | 09:35 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)