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We had a farewell party for our staff, Mari-posa
at Yakiniku restaurant

Finally, today was her last day...and last tea time with herしくしく汗
I can't believe it...!

We enjoyed ケーキcream cakeケーキ mede in her hometown
It was soooooooo delicious !!

Of couse, with our neighbor, Kari-sanハート

This is Team K's House Hiroshima !!!!

Enjoy your next trip !!
Please come here again anytime
and we are looking forward to seeing your smile again.
We love you

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I visited the Eikando temple the other day.

Eikando is a beautiful temple throughout the year,but the autumn is the best season to visit.

It has been known as a famous spot for viewing autumn leaves.

You can also enjoy the beauty of the scenery at night

when the grounds are illuminated during the Eikando Temple Light Up event.








K’s House Kyoto | 09:32 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Tank you very much for visiting us many times.


We had a good time with all our guests.


The guest from England.

We have met him 8 years ago.

Another Japanese guest staying for long time at this moment.



The guests from Malaysia.


She also comes here often.


The guests from Taiwan.


They come here often and staying for long time.


Many people come back to stay here again.
We are happy to see everybody.


Thank you very much and see you again.


We are looking forward to seeing you.



K’s House Mt.Fuji | 07:24 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
When you arrive at JR Hiroshima Station,
you might notice that there is a pagoda
on the top of the mountain just behind of the station.
The mountain is called "Mt Futaba" and has a nice path to the top
where you can enjoy the great view of Hiroshima city.

On the next at the end of this park,
You can see The Toshogu Shrine,

First to The Toshogu Shrine,

Pass under the large stone torii gate and make your way up
the stone steps.

Let's walk to the top toward to The Peace Pagoda !!!

Make your way up the stone steps and you will see
the start of the mountain trail
to the right of the red colored main shrine building.

Continue up this rocky path for a few more meters !

At the middle point,
A little break on the rocks.

The Peace Pagoda !!!

The views from the top of Mt Futaba
over the city and out to the islands in Hiroshima Bay are fantastic....

Kids will enjoy over the huge rocks on making !
It a very pleasant place to picnic.

(Route) : K's House Hiroshima - Hiroshima Station - Toshogu Shrine
- Peace Pagoda
(Time) : 30 min 〜 40 min.

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Hello, everyone! にこっ

The other day, we had French Party Night with our guests!
Our staff Fabien, became a special chef for the event and
he organized the event very well : D

What we had was,


*pumpkin carrot soup


It took him (and us) for a looooooooooooong time
to prepare for 40 people, but he made itにかっおにぎりりんご

There were plenty of dishes at our lounge room,
but it had gone so quicklyぎょぎょ

Thank you for all of those who participated the party.
Next event is, countdown party on the 31st of December!

         ハートMerci beaucoupハート

K’s House Ito Onsen | 07:28 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
The Hiroshima Carp won their second consecutive league title !
This year also victory parade !
It was held in Peace Blvd.

The beginning of the parade is...
Our bro Slyly !

Next is..........

Manager Koichi Ogata,
Thanks !!!

The players have come,

More than 300,000 fans gathered,
We congratulated Hiroshima Carp's league title together.

For next year also aiming for succession,
Let's cheering the Hiroshima Carp with you !!!

K’s House Hiroshima | 04:03 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)

We would like to thank you all for staying with us.
We had 14th anniversary party on November 15th with our guests.

今回はZEN CAFEスタッフのマルセーロさん(元スペイン料理店のシェフ)による本格的スペイン料理とケーキをすべて手作りで用意いたしました。

This year our ZEN CAFE staff Marcelo who is professional cook made variety of Spanish food and cakes for our guests.


Everybody enjoyed the meals and cakes. all meals are gone at the end of the party !


We enjoyed Bingo Game with many prizes.


Thank you so much for joining us the party.
We hope you had great night.
We will keep work hard to make good hostel for all.

K’s House Kyoto | 08:55 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)