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Greetings from K’s House Mt.Fuji!
Soon the autumn season comes, and we had the flowing somen noodles activity to catch the last days of summer! This activity was held twice on August.


All materials as you can see below. By the way, the Japanese herb (green shiso leaf) is planted from our patio!


Many guests are first time to join the activity and seems like they enjoyed a lot.


Even the guests had tried to put the somen noodles in the begging for others to catch, not just waiting for catching the noodles.


Some guests also challenged putting and catching the somen noodles all by themselves. Nice catch!


This time, we made the tunnel to level up the difficulty of catching the noodles!


Thank you all for joining us for this event. We look forward to having you again for the next activity.


(BTW, it’s also my first time to participate this seasonal activity, and had a lot of fun!)
(P.S. 実は、私にとっても流しそうめんは初めての体験でした~、とても楽しかったです!)

Taro & Shiangチョキ
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