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Hello, everyone!love

It’s good to have the hot soup in the cold weather like this.

Therefore, one of our staff, Taro, opened the flash ramen shop ラーメン for 2 days only!

The soup base for today is the anchovy flavor. He used to make the miso, shōyu, chickenにわとり, tonkotsuぶた flavors before. It’s his first time to make the anchovy-based broth.

Spending nearly all day for simmering the broth, including making the toppings like soft boiled eggs and sliced pork.

Ta-da, a bowl of special made ramen has come out. Not only the appearance is beautiful but also the taste is good. Normally, I just leave the soup at the end, but this time I finished all of them. Then you should know how tasty it is!

I also made a banana loaf for our tea time. Not in good-looking but also taste nice though.

The staff who is working on these two days, our belly is in luck! Sorry for my other colleagues who is absent!

02/08 UPDATE!

Actually it lasts for 3 days till today! The broth for 2nd and 3rd is different from the 1st day. It's with the blended anchovy. That make the soup much more strong taste. オッケー

Thank you for the meal!

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