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Hello, everyone にこっ!

We are doing work exchange and now, Sakura花 from Hakone is in Ito.
On our day off, we had so much fun together.
So I'd love to share our awesome day!

We left Ito in the morning and head to Hosono plateau in Inatori to see
Japanese pampas grass.

Hosono plateau has vast landscape of 125ha.

During the autumn event,(mid Sep-mid Nov) shuttle bus from the bottom
to top of the mountain is regularly available.

You can enjoy fabulous view from the top and you can either
take the shuttle bus to back or walk (45min-1hr).

The day we went there was a beautiful day, the sky was perfectly clear and
temperature was not too cold or too hot,
so of course we took the trail to go back to the bottom.

Most of the path was pampas lined and when there was wind,
thousands of pampas waved.

After enjoying the walk, we had lunch and then,
we drove to west of Izu peninsula.車

West of the peninsula is famous for beautiful sunset.太陽

When we arrived there, we still had 1 more hour for the sunset,
so we joined the ferry excursion of small island.

The most popular "Dogashima Cave Tour" was canceled for maintenance
unfortunately, but the island tour was still amazingぎょlove.

And here it is! The beautiful sunset + ocean!

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