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‘Hello, hello, hello!’ To you who are reading this blog right now.

I went to Hakuba for snowboarding with my colleagues, Ruri, Masa, Kei from Hakone branch, and Tou, our ex-helper from Hong Kong, now the helper in Kanazawa branch.

It’s just the season now! The powder snow in Hakuba is proper for a smoothly sliding and one important thing for me, to fall down without too much pain!

We arrived at Hakuba around lunch time, and did snowboarding for half day in the nearest Hakuba-Goryu Escal Plaza. This ski resort where is good for beginners or those who want to sharpen your skills is just 10 minutes’ walk from K’s House Hakuba Alps. Next day, we chose another ski resort called Iwatake Ski Field for a full day snowboarding. 20 minutes by car from K’s House Hakuba Alps, or by shuttle from Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal. This one is much more for advanced snowboarders where you can enjoy the routes inside the forests and there are some routes you might see the Kamoshika (a kind of antelope only specified in Japan.)

おにぎりハンバーガー肉りんごプリンカレーラーメン Lunch break time! おにぎりハンバーガー肉りんごプリンカレーラーメン

We are ready for the afternoon!

Look how handsome and professional look Tou is! オッケー ぽわわ ハート love

After the exciting (exhausting?!) snowboarding, of course we treated ourselves a great dinner.

Venison curry for the second night!チョキ オッケー

The last day on the way back to Kawaguchiko, we stopped by Matsumoto and went sightseeing in Matsumoto Castle. Geeeee, the stairs inside were really steep and the winds from Alps were freezing.

Also, the Lake Suwa is another must-go spot. Now it becomes famous among Japanese-anime-lovers, because of the anime movie, "Your Name" and Lake Suwa might be the model of Lake Itomori.

This trip is finished, but my exploration to Japan has never to the end. I will keep share with you the beauty and amaze of Japan.

If you plan to have a visit to Hakuba and do some skiing/snowboarding there, below are the information about the ski field that we went. Of course you can stay at K’s House Hakuba Alps!

Escal Plaza in Hakuba-Goryu (Just 10 minutes’ walk from K’s House Hakuba Alps)

Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort

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