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Happy new year 2018! いぬ

How are you guys doing? I am definitely fine and have got a kitsu (small luck) on the 1st day of this year.

We held an event on the end of 2017, which was the New Year's Eve party.

In Japan, we usually have the soba noodles on New Year's Eve and watch the Kouhaku (the singing contest TV program) together with our family. This time, let's try something different from Japan's tradition.

Can you guess? We have had the somen noodles for this time. Eating noodles always means getting longevity in Japan, whether soba or somen noodles.

Look like our guests pretty enjoyed them. Smiley and happy faces!

After the noodles, we played games together. Gestures, pass on the words and chop nuts with chopsticks.

For the gesture game, like Mt. Fuji, sushi and kimono. You guys were really good at body performance.

For the 2nd game, pass on the words, we used some daily words like Makudonarudo for McDonald’s, kaminarimon (the famous gate in Asakusa, Tokyo), siokosyo for salt&pepper and so on. The longer the word, the funnier when the last guest said the result. Totally different from the answer.

The last one, chopping nuts with chopsticks, using chopsticks are not only between Japanese and Chinese. Look at our guests, very good at chopping!

Happy time flies just like flash! Thank you for joining us tonight! Hope you have a great year ahead and see you next time!

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