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We enjoyed autumn color and Mt. Fuji!

Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 06:03 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)

Mt.Fuji was not visible at the beginning of the tour, this morning.
However, the top of Mt.Fuji was showed up when we got to the 5th station of Mt.Fuji!


Shiraito waterfall was quite beautiful as usual!
Therefore, we took a group photo there :D


Today's tour was the last tour I conducted this year.
However, we still have our tour for this year until the end of this month.
We hope you to join our tour!!


Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 06:05 PM | comments (309) | trackback (0)

I was worry about the weather during the today's tour since the weather forecast said it rains and snows in the afternoon.
It was eventually light raining sometimes but not snowing.

I took a group photo at Shiraito fall にこっ

Thanks to join the tour!

It was the last tour of this year I conduct.
However, we have one more tour which will be on the 28th November.

We hope you join it as well!

Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 05:52 PM | comments (12) | trackback (0)
Summer was already gone and it is getting cooler little by little recently.
Mt.Fuji climbing season will end soon.
But, our tour still keep going!

it was the first tour on the 2nd september after the summer season ended.

Mt.Fuji did not show itself at the beginning of the tour.
However, it was shown gradually.
Finally, we could see it meny times!!

Our tour is running twice a week(every Wednesday and Saturday) until the end of November this year.

We hope you join our tour one day!

Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 03:34 PM | comments (339) | trackback (0)
We are in the rainy season but we had a clear view of Mt. Fuji today!!

Of course we jumped!!

Thank you for joinning our tour!!

Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 07:03 PM | comments (207) | trackback (0)
It was nice weather in the morning!!
Afternoon it got cloudy a bit, however we enjoyed to take a jumping photo!!


Keisuke Hayakawa
Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 05:58 PM | comments (370) | trackback (0)
Mt.Fuji was visible whole day.
This is the photo of 4.5 station.
Thank you very much for your hiking.
Keisuke Hayakawa
Mt.Fuji Bus Tour | 06:37 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)