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After Renovation

The Central Tree Was Also Refreshin'

The Flowers Are Bloomin'

The Relax And The Fun
From K's House Hiroshima

Sittin' Talkin' Drinkin' And Smilin'.......

Have A Good Time In The Rooftop Garden !!

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We made Plum Wine for our anniversary party in October !!

Plum wine is a liquor made from green plums and sugar fermented in distilled liquor.

Look these cute plumsハートカクテルぽわわハート

Do you think how to make plum wine is difficult ??
It's easy !!!!
Just put liquor, plum and suger in the container.

This year, we made two kind of plum wine !!

Left : Black suger and White liquor
Right : White suger and Brandy

Looks sooooooo gooooood !!!!!
We cannot wait October !!

Let's celeblate our 10th anniversary in October !!
We are waiting for you with our awesome plum wine ワインオッケー

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Before renovation

Firstly, exchange the large wooden pot in the center

Running very decayed

Replace with a new wooden pot

also painted the surrounding boards

Next is the bench and others !

Since it was already rotten, I will exchange it for a new wood board

Newly painted and finished

A little renovated rooftop garden
From K's House Hiroshima

...To be continued... MASA
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This weekend Hiroshima City held it is annual "Toukasan Festival" !

This Chuo Dori Avenue will be turned into a pedestrian precinct
for The Toukasan Festival.

The festival involves rows of roadside stands selling great food and toys.....

This festival is also known as the "Yukata Festival" !!

The festivities are centered around Enryu-ji Temple
and the Peace Boulevard end of Chuo Dori Avenue.

Our guest going now !

Date : 1st June (Fri) - 3rd June (Sun)
Start & End Time : 12:00 - 23:00 (3rd 12:00 - 22:00)

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<Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima 10th Anniversary>

Colors the promenade with 2500 umbrellas.

The monument of the Carp history,
Hiroshima Carp entered the professional baseball in 1950.

Mickey who gained popularity as a baseball dog carrying balls to the umpire
at the former Hiroshima City Municipal Stadium (2005).

Only five years after Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb,
Hiroshima city got it's own baseball team,
But it took a lot longer for the Carp, who were established in 1950,
to victory their first pennant.........

P.S. also K's House Hiroshima are 10th anniversary this year
and We will hold our anniversary party.....on October !

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Our helper Morgane is playing
along with her favorite music !

Let's play FooFighters


Zun cha♪ Zun Zun cha ♪

You can also play percussion with "YAMAHA DD-75"!!
What an amazing tooooy!!

w(*´∀`*)w ハハハァ

Doko don dodon ♪
Go Morgane go!!

_( ̄▽ ̄)ノ彡☆ばんばん

K's House Hiroshima is a musician friendly hostel!

Come and play music here~
(屮′3`)屮 カモォォォーン

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The Baseball Season has come !!!

We have Hiroshima Carp supporters from oversea !!
They even brought their own Hiroshima Carp uniforms !

The Stadium is packed with Hiroshima Carp supporters !!

"Lucky 7 Balloons"

It's Hiroshima Carp tradition, supporters fly up RED BALLOONS
in 7th inning to wish the luck.

Look at this, it's all red !!

Hiroshima Carp is again leading ahead by far.
Each game is so exciting, it's worth to watch !

Please add it to your To-Do-List in Hiroshima !!

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