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[ The Hiroshima Carp Times Part 4 ]

After we got a champion,
Hondori shopping arcade in the city center is full of people to HIGH FIVE !!!パーパー


Next celebration will be the champion of Japan series!!

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[ The Hiroshima Carp Times Part 3 ]

On the day of the champion !!

The game was started at 2 pm.

It was on the national holiday,
so everyone was drinking and watching the game !!

We got a first score !!

Tons of people watched the game even outside of the bar !

At 9 inniing (last inning), count down to be champion.......




We won the game ! ! ! !


Players tossed head coach up in the air !

Victory Beer Splash by theirself ! ! !

Free sake on the street !!!

......To be continued.....

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[The Hiroshima Carp Times Part 2]

Sports Bar " BLKS "
( 9:30 pm )

The Hiroshima Carp lowered their magic number
to clinch The League Pennant to One.....(M1)

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[The Hiroshima Carp Times Part 1]

The Way to The Victory...
( 3:00 pm )

The weather is good for The Baseball Game,
....said the weather forecaster (Hiroshima Locul News).

A lot of fans are already come in The Stadium,

We are supporting Hiroshima Carp with our guests
in K's House Hiroshima !!
( 7:00 pm )

Sports Bar " BLKS "
( 8:00 pm )

.....To be continued.............

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Toward the end of the baseball season...
and still leading ahead by far.
The Stadium is packed with Hiroshima Carp suppoters !!

We have Hiroshima Carp supporters from oversea !

Thanks for your Cheering !! and Cheers !!!

Last 15 games..............for Victory

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It's been very hot and humid here in Hiroshima.

But we have cool summer feature! FIREWORKS!!

Japanese beautiful fireworks is one of the highlights
of the summer in Japan.

Fireworks are called "hanabi " in Japanese
and it means "fire flower ".

I went to fireworks in my hometown Kure.

Kure is very famous city as shipbuilding.
(especially battle ship named "Senkan Yamato")

Next firework in Hiroshima is in Miyajima on 26th August!

Why don't you visit Hiroshima
to watch beautiful water fireworks?


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Hiroshima had 72nd Peace Memorial Ceremony
on 6th August in the morning.

This ceremony is held from 1947,only 2 years after the bomb was dropped.

Every year almost 50,000 people join this ceremony.

Also,there is a Peace Message Lantern Floating Ceremony at night.

Write the message on the lantern and float on the Motoyasu river.

Many people of course local citizens
also visitors from all over the world joined this ceremony.

People watched the warm light of lantern
and wish and pray for peace themselves.

It was beautiful tranquil night.


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