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Have a look on the Winter Fireworks Event in Lake Kawaguchiko from last night (Jan. 14).

Here are some tips for you if you are going to the fireworks next Saturday or Sunday in Oike Park.
1. Finding a good view point for seeing and photo-shooting the fireworks in advance.
2. Keep yourself warm enough cause you have to stand in the minus temperature for at least 20 minutes.
3. Exercise your neck properly before you go because you have to look up and keep that position for 20 minutes.
4. Preparing a spare power bank because the battery of your camera/ mobile phone might run out of power faster due to the cold temperature.

The information of the Winter Fireworks Event

Dates: Saturday and Sunday during January 13, 2018 to February 18, 2018 and Friday, February 23 (Mount Fuji Day)

Time: 20:00 - 20:20

Place: Oike Park

Fee: Admission free

Access: 5 minutes walking distance from K’s House Mt. Fuji or just simply take the retro bus (red or green line) and get off at No.7, Kawaguchiko Herb Hall.

Share with us if you have took some nice shots!

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‘Hello, hello, hello!’ To you who are reading this blog right now.

I went to Hakuba for snowboarding with my colleagues, Ruri, Masa, Kei from Hakone branch, and Tou, our ex-helper from Hong Kong, now the helper in Kanazawa branch.

It’s just the season now! The powder snow in Hakuba is proper for a smoothly sliding and one important thing for me, to fall down without too much pain!

We arrived at Hakuba around lunch time, and did snowboarding for half day in the nearest Hakuba-Goryu Escal Plaza. This ski resort where is good for beginners or those who want to sharpen your skills is just 10 minutes’ walk from K’s House Hakuba Alps. Next day, we chose another ski resort called Iwatake Ski Field for a full day snowboarding. 20 minutes by car from K’s House Hakuba Alps, or by shuttle from Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal. This one is much more for advanced snowboarders where you can enjoy the routes inside the forests and there are some routes you might see the Kamoshika (a kind of antelope only specified in Japan.)

おにぎりハンバーガー肉りんごプリンカレーラーメン Lunch break time! おにぎりハンバーガー肉りんごプリンカレーラーメン

We are ready for the afternoon!

Look how handsome and professional look Tou is! オッケー ぽわわ ハート love

After the exciting (exhausting?!) snowboarding, of course we treated ourselves a great dinner.

Venison curry for the second night!チョキ オッケー

The last day on the way back to Kawaguchiko, we stopped by Matsumoto and went sightseeing in Matsumoto Castle. Geeeee, the stairs inside were really steep and the winds from Alps were freezing.

Also, the Lake Suwa is another must-go spot. Now it becomes famous among Japanese-anime-lovers, because of the anime movie, "Your Name" and Lake Suwa might be the model of Lake Itomori.

This trip is finished, but my exploration to Japan has never to the end. I will keep share with you the beauty and amaze of Japan.

If you plan to have a visit to Hakuba and do some skiing/snowboarding there, below are the information about the ski field that we went. Of course you can stay at K’s House Hakuba Alps!

Escal Plaza in Hakuba-Goryu (Just 10 minutes’ walk from K’s House Hakuba Alps)

Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort

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Hello, Everyone! Hope this finds you well and you are still enjoying Japan’s cold winter. Not beaten by the freezing weather!

Every winter, there is the fireworks festival in Kawaguchiko area. For this season is as usual. If you will be Japan in the winter season, why not join the winter fireworks with us. Here is the information about that.

Dates: Saturday and Sunday during January 13, 2018 to February 18, 2018 and Friday, February 23 (Mount Fuji Day)

Time: 20:00 - 20:20

Place: Oike Park

Fee: Admission free

Access: 5 minutes walking distance from K’s House Mt. Fuji or just simply take the retro bus (red or green line) and get off at No.7, Kawaguchiko Herb Hall.

Come and join us for the astonishing fireworks with the background of Lake Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji!

The official link (English webpage): http://www.fujisan.ne.jp.e.aca.hp.transer.com/event/info.php?no=552#

一月十三日から、冬花火 開催!



開催期間:2018 年1 月13 日 ~2018 年2 月18 日 まで 期間中土・日曜日開催


開催時間:20 時00 分~20 時20 分まで



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Happy new year 2018! いぬ

How are you guys doing? I am definitely fine and have got a kitsu (small luck) on the 1st day of this year.

We held an event on the end of 2017, which was the New Year's Eve party.

In Japan, we usually have the soba noodles on New Year's Eve and watch the Kouhaku (the singing contest TV program) together with our family. This time, let's try something different from Japan's tradition.

Can you guess? We have had the somen noodles for this time. Eating noodles always means getting longevity in Japan, whether soba or somen noodles.

Look like our guests pretty enjoyed them. Smiley and happy faces!

After the noodles, we played games together. Gestures, pass on the words and chop nuts with chopsticks.

For the gesture game, like Mt. Fuji, sushi and kimono. You guys were really good at body performance.

For the 2nd game, pass on the words, we used some daily words like Makudonarudo for McDonald’s, kaminarimon (the famous gate in Asakusa, Tokyo), siokosyo for salt&pepper and so on. The longer the word, the funnier when the last guest said the result. Totally different from the answer.

The last one, chopping nuts with chopsticks, using chopsticks are not only between Japanese and Chinese. Look at our guests, very good at chopping!

Happy time flies just like flash! Thank you for joining us tonight! Hope you have a great year ahead and see you next time!

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雪Winter greetings from K's House Mt. Fuji.

Hello, everyone! How have you been doing?
Have you tried your first skiing/snowboarding for this winter season?
The Fujiten Ski Resort just under Mt. Fuji is already opened for those skiing/snowboarding-lovers, and in where you can see Mt. Fuji. It's only 25 minutes by car/taxi from K's House Mt. Fuji!

I went there on my off day few days ago and did the snowboarding with my co-worker, Ruri. Last time I did it was 2 years ago.(WOW!) The memories of how to do it are deeply inside somewhere my brain. Have to look for it little by little by practicing.

I enjoyed a lot and satisfied. Of course fell down many times and still sore body for now. Need to do it much more often!

Please click the link for more information for Fujiten Ski Resort or ask our front staff for more information.

Another good news for this season, there would be 4 shuttle bus service a day from Kawaguchiko Station to Fujiten Ski Resort. Please check the weblink below. It's in Japanese only, ask our staff for the English one!

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Guess what! One of our staff, Masa, went hunting few days ago and a deer was hunted!

A good hunter always has game on the table. Therefore, look what we have for that night.

There are sikasasi (venison's sashimi, heart and venison), fried liver and fried venison.

Let's eat! Ittakimasu!

Fresh, not smelly but tasty and fantastic!

What will Masa get us next time? We are looking forward to that.

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We had the gyoza and okonomiyaki party on November 24. Every guests enjoyed a lot together.


First of all, let’s prepare the materials for gyoza and okonomiyaki first.


Some guests helped chopping the cabbages and some guests were making the pastries.


And other materials for okonomiyaki, chopped seafood, bonito, dried seeweed, cheese, okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise sauce.


Okay, let’s make the dumplings!


Everyone made their own country’s gyoza shapes, Italy, Hong Kong, America, Taiwan and Japan.


Now we only have to wait for the gyoza to be fried. Thanks for Tsai from Taiwan helped to fry them.


It’s time for making okonomiyaki!


We put the pastry into the fried pan and make a big and thick piece. Wow, that’s a big okonomiyaki which we have to wait 10 more minutes while the bottom side is ready and turning over for frying the other side.


It’s not easy to turning over the big and thick piece, but every one did a great job!


We put the okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise sauce, dried spring onion and the bonito. And cut into small pieces. Let’s eat!


What we do with the rest of the gyoza materials? We made it the vegetable soup. Therefore, there were 2 different kinds of soup for tonight, though both of them are vegetable soups, different tastes.


Thank you all for joining the party tonight. Hope you can come back again for next party!

We are going to have a party on 23rd December !





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