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Trick or treat! パー

Hello, everyone! Today is Halloween day, the ghost festival in western country. Of course we celebrate it because there are many guests staying with us from all over the world.


Look at the must-have items, pumpkin, costumes, ghosts and some decoration inside K’s House Mt.Fuji.


And we had the Halloween Party on October 24. I know it’s bit early, but we can’t wait to do some fun things with our guests.


Are you ready?


First of all, we made the okonomiyaki together to feed everyone’s tammy. We cut the cabbage, mix the okonomiyaki powder together with seafood and eggs.


Time to start frying the okonomiyaki! Some guests are the first time to make and try this traditional Japanese food.


Looks like they enjoyed a lot!


And we have prepared some snacks as well, because what’s coming next is the horror movie night! Don’t be afraid of the so-called horror movies, it’s the comedy horror even kids can enjoy a lot!


Thank you all for joining us today! We hope to see you soon next party~!


Taro四葉 & Shiangスペード
K’s House Mt.Fuji | 07:41 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
It is getting cooler and cooler in these days.
I can say the autumn season has come.

I have been to Shiga prefecture to see nice view of the Biwa Lake from top of the mountain星
There is the place called “Biwako Terrace”.

Nice View!!!

There is a nice café at there.
So you can enjoy nice coffeeコーヒー with nice air and nice view.

This time, I didn’t try but there are some athletic activities in the sky!!

If you are interesting, TRY TRY TRY.

K’s House Kyoto | 04:55 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Hi, everyone!

How's it going?!にぱっ

Today, I would like to tell you guys about our Event in October星

We're going to hold a Halloween Party on 24th October!

It's bit earlier than the original date but we can`t wait オッケー!lol

Of course, we will provide free food and snacks!(BYOB please!)

Also, we're planning to show some horror movies in the night!!ぎょーんwow

To be continued▽
K’s House Mt.Fuji | 04:01 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Hi everyone, my name is Sayo.
I'm working at K's Oasis again after 1 year and a half of absence!

I'm happy to be back here to see you and help you again ^^
また皆さんにお会いし, お手伝いできる事がとてもうれしいです。

This time, there is a small new staff coming with me...

He is taugh sometimes, but giving a lot of good advices for making this Hostel comfortable for families with small people!

We hope K's House Tokyo Oasis will be more comfortable place for all of you.

Looking forward to seeing you!

K’s House Tokyo Oasis | 03:24 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
    In Spring, Sakura is around all Japan (& us).
    How about Autumn?


   Autumn leaves started quietly in Hakone and our entrance!
   Would you like to "join" that color changing with us?


K's House Hakone | 07:46 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)
Do you like Studio Ghibli animation??

There are really famous Ghibli museum in Tokyo which is difficult to get the ticket.

However !! Now !! You can see temporary Ghibli Expo in Hiroshima until 24th September !!

At the entrance, a big airship from Castle in the Sky welcomes you.
Your adventure of Ghibli world will be started from here !

There are tons of precious Ghibli stuffs like poster, original picture by Hayao Miyazaki, draft of new ideas and model of flying machine and more !!

We cannot take picture inside of the expo.
So please visit and feel the history of Ghibli directly !!

At the end, you can take picture with Nekobus ねこハート

This expo will be finished on 24th September.
If you like Ghibli animation, please don't miss it !

\We are waiting for youuuuuuu !!!!/by Totoro四葉

Sight-seeing/Fun | 05:54 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)

Greetings from K’s House Mt.Fuji!
Soon the autumn season comes, and we had the flowing somen noodles activity to catch the last days of summer! This activity was held twice on August.


All materials as you can see below. By the way, the Japanese herb (green shiso leaf) is planted from our patio!


Many guests are first time to join the activity and seems like they enjoyed a lot.


Even the guests had tried to put the somen noodles in the begging for others to catch, not just waiting for catching the noodles.


Some guests also challenged putting and catching the somen noodles all by themselves. Nice catch!


This time, we made the tunnel to level up the difficulty of catching the noodles!


Thank you all for joining us for this event. We look forward to having you again for the next activity.


(BTW, it’s also my first time to participate this seasonal activity, and had a lot of fun!)
(P.S. 実は、私にとっても流しそうめんは初めての体験でした~、とても楽しかったです!)

Taro & Shiangチョキ
K’s House Mt.Fuji | 06:50 PM | comments (x) | trackback (x)